Most of us have noticed that many blockbusters and hits throughout the box office leave a lasting impression about the few products used in movies. Though it can be a subtle promotion, it surely does leave us thinking about that product.

Let’s run through your memory of how smartly and tactfully these movies drive sales for the brand.

  1. Digital new media.
    The product promotions and placements are not only limited to the big screen but also have reached digital platforms like web series and shows. We can find innumerable examples in which brands have been tactfully placed and promoted with a clean amalgamation of both, the product and the digital space. In today’s world, the digital landscape offers a better and wider arena for brands to market themselves.
  2. Positioning in the visual frame.
    This is the most widespread way of endorsing in most movies. Products are positioned or placed in the picture frame so that they are inevitably noticed. For an instance, in the movie “Chup Chup Ke”, a scene depicts Tide detergent and it’s usage. It is a simple yet effective way of brand endorsement.
  3. Placement in the Title.
    Often, the names of brands are directly associated with the movies. These brand names appear in the main title to give a straightforward promotion. Let’s take an example of the movie, “Ferrari ki Sawari” and “Mere Dad ki Maruti”. This not only gives the brand a wide recognition but furthermore helps in creating a certain image of the brand in our heads.
  4. The sequence in movies.
    In several ways, brands use the most powerful and engaging industry to place their product, movies. Many years ago, famous songs like “Fevicol se” have highly endorsed known brands like, “Fevicol”.

A brand often uses creative and enticing sources to market and promote themselves, though most of them do it to create a persistent brand impression in the market.

It is doubtless that movies are an incredible platform and still play a tremendous monopoly for brand publicity.