The one thing we, as students dread is studying. To most of us, studying feels like being in a cage, only to later realize that we walked into the cage by ourselves. Studying is inevitable and an integral part of our lives. But there are times when don’t feel like studying at all. There could be many reasons to this like stress, tiredness or simply procrastination. On some days just to get yourself to open a book seems like a mammoth of a task. And no matter how much ever you study, you always feel that it is less. 

For all those backbenchers and the naughty ones studying is really tricky. For them to be concentrated and steady at one place is next to impossible. Also, studying requires motivation. And that is not easy to get. If you re not motivated, you will end up opening the book but not gaining a grain’s worth of knowledge from it. 

But worry not! We have you covered!

Here are some tips by which you will be motivated to study:

Start afresh:

A fresh start is what you need for achieving the motivation to study. Forget all that you have done in the past start from scratch. A fresh start will help you keep a clean mind and it will take off the burden of the past. Keeping a fresh mind is essential as it will also help you to concentrate well. 

Understand your studying style:

Before you start to study, it is very important that you keep in mind the pattern in which you study. This will give you a clear idea about how and when to study. Once you know your studying style it is a cakewalk. This will also keep you motivated and you will not unnecessarily drain yourself. Different people follow different patterns for studying and you have to choose what suits you the best. For instance; if you feel you can study better late at night without any breaks, then do that.

Do not indulge in self-loathing:

Self-loathing has always done more harm than good. It demotivates you to an extent where you don’t feel like doing anything. So, it is important not to indulge in self-loathing when you are about to study. Thoughts like, “am I good?” “do I really need to study this?” “I’ll fail anyway” should be kept away. 

Do not compare yourself:

Comparing yourself to your peers or other students is the worst thing you could do. It is highly demotivating and generates negative energy. It is to some extent linked to self-loathing. Both of these are interrelated and drain you down. It is best that you stop comparing yourself to others if you want to fully focus on studying. 

Each one of us has a different way of studying. The above mentioned points are just tips and tricks that you can imbibe in your daily routine and they will surely benefit you.