The hair on the human body is a natural process of our lifecycle and can not be controlled. But in the case of a woman’s hair on her body, this issue creates a taboo in society. Why is it so? Why woman’s hair is not considered in a normal way? All these practices are discussed here in the blog content.

Social media has started so many campaigns embracing the body and its care with so many influencers who show how to deal with different aspects of body hair and its removal. The influencers on Instagram has started making the appearance of a woman so ideal by various posts such as awareness of woman appearance and how to deal with body shaming! Many Instagram posts are expressing slogans such as “go old-school, grow out the fur!”.

One research from VMedical stated that women spend a lot of time shaving their unwanted body hairs. But as per women’s opinion, it is found that they seem removing of body hairs is  time-consuming, hectic, and an expensive chore. Still, they have to do it. Why?

A lot of women think that body hair is unwanted and they try to find all the possible ways to get rid of it. But as the world is evolving, many women have accepted body hair as a natural way of a growing body and are no longer hiding under the sheets. Many women have started campaigns by sharing images of their hairy legs and armpits by mentioning that they do not even bother to share these photos on social media platforms and encouraging other women to not feel ashamed of their body!

One historian Alice Macdonald has observedin Greek art that the sculptures or human body were of hairs on the body for both male and female nudes. There have been so many instances in history that have shown the body hair is just so natural part of our body. The Instagram posts showing armpits full of hairs and was uploaded by many inspiring women and bringing awareness among the women community. Such posts are a blessing to see on the internet. 

This type of practice is set up but still, so many women are scared and not ready to accept these facts due to the weird and unwanted mentality of this society! Live and Let live!