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If I were an advertiser today

Advertising is the most common method of promoting products, business, brand and ideas, like every other thing, has evolved. We’ve come a long way from pamphlets to online advertisements. Advertising has always been a major aspect of promoting business and showcasing company name and brand. However, a lot can go wrong in your pursuit to build your customer base.

Advertising has taken many forms over the years. Being the largest revenue source of newspapers and the highlights of radio and television; advertisements have now taken over the online world. The entire online platform is filled with pop up promotional ads. Whatever you do online, you always see advertisements around you. While playing online games, while reading anything, or while using social media. Advertisements always circle you around.

If I were an advertiser in today’s time, my first and foremost choice of the platform of the method of advertising would be the online platform. And why not? Everything these days has found its spot online, and the entire audience base is on the internet. Though the old school methods of newspapers have no less of popularity, online advertising wins the hype.


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