Every top creative agency in India will have a question in common- “Is our content generating enough revenue?” This is an integral question and determines the success of an agency. It will tell you if the agency has been able to deliver the correct kind of content or not. 

If your content hits the correct chords with the audience, then it will automatically lead to an increase in revenue. Marketers are often data-driven and resort to it for revenue building. But content plays a major role for the same. 

Here are ways in which you can get your content to generate revenue: 


This is the first step for generating revenue. Every top content writing agency in India works on this principle. Having a pre-determined goal helps you start on the right note and ensures that you remain on the right track. 


The next step after determining your goal should be this. Connecting your content to KPIs will tell you what your asset is. 


Now that your content is mapped, it is time for you to score your content. Things like likes, shares, and comments will tell you the potential of your content and whether it is worthy of generating revenue or not. 

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