A lot of people have an aim of being as skinny as attainable and showing as much bone as possible. People irrespective of their gender often breathe into this mindset of showing maximal ribs. Skinny physiques obviously have their place but as they say “grass is not always greener on the side” can be marked true for this.

Skinny body frames take an appreciable amount of effort for a lot of people to achieve but if not taken care of properly, it can become counterproductive. Some people can take it too far, after which they can look ill, tired in the face, and withdrawn, and hence start losing facial identity. More importantly, not eating so that one can lose weight will run a starvation protocol inside their body that will ensure that they do not lose weight easily. They will also end up being more fatigued and tired, eventually losing strength by getting the sweet taste in their mouth as the body starts consuming muscles for protein so that the system can go on. The lack of calcium in the body also makes bones brittle and their body balance also takes a hit. Therefore, they become prone to injuries and bruises.

Most people do not notice that social media platforms are great catalysts to this mindset. They instill these thoughts in the minds of the young. But the reality is far from what these social media platforms influence people into doing. Small amounts of regular food along with exercise is a healthier alternative to starvation. Taking responsibility for what you eat and how you make efforts to keep your body healthy is ultimately what matters. It will certainly make a massive difference if you inculcate that discipline in your personality. Moreover, you do not have to look a certain way in order to get accepted in the society.