We all live a stressful life. Juggling between personal and professional lives can take a toll on our mental health. We try and chase happiness in different ways. The definition of satisfaction and relaxation is different for everyone. But one thing that pops up the most often when asked about a hobby that calms one down, is baking. Among all the superficial things, baking is therapeutic for a lot of people. It eases out the stress and makes one feel fresh and happy. What is it about baking that is so magical and mesmerizing? Let’s find out.

Baking, in general, is like an expression or a way of expressing yourself. We live fast-paced lives and it can get a little monotonous as well. It is common to feel low and depressed sometimes. But baking is that buddy that will instantly cheer you up. It is a way of expressing your emotions in the form of some snacks. If you are happy, make some delicious rainbow cake or a croissant and if you feel a little dull or lonely, go for some dark chocolate cake. A hobby like this is enough to make you feel fresh and jolly.

Hobbies are a distraction for people, almost an escape from their daily schedule that tends to become boring and hectic after a point. Baking is just one of those hobbies. Mixing several ingredients and creating a delicious dish out of it has a joy in itself. Baking also requires a lot of focus and concentration. The quantity to add should be perfect as well as the temperature at which it is baked must be just right, it all needs practice and thorough focus. It is believed that once you start focussing on something, you automatically release all the unwanted thoughts that would pop in your brain otherwise. This is why baking is such an escape and also a distraction from our daily routine.

Baking also provides a sense of selflessness which is so precious. A self-baked cake is always more special than a cake bought from a bakery. When you bake something for your loved ones without expecting anything in return, that feeling is something that cannot be replicated. Seeing the joy on those faces is what calmness means, and baking helps one achieve that. It is a mood-maker in the true sense. 

Feeling a sense of control is something that makes one feel so powerful and worthy. You are in control throughout the time you are baking. You are in charge of the measurements, the time, the ingredients, everything. This makes one feel powerful. This feeling is irreplaceable. Baking is not just a hobby; it is a thorough emotion for a lot of people which is why it is said to calm and relax people down. 

Lastly, there is nothing better than a sense of satisfaction that it provides. Eating a piece of bread that you made from your own hands will provide way more satisfaction than any other world-famous bakery. Satisfaction is all that it comes down to all the end of the day. Relishing a simply baked cake is precious and this satisfaction is calming for people. There is a reason why baking is considered to be so therapeutic. It is not always about professional or stunning-looking items, it is about all the different emotions that one feels.