We have all been to cinemas, musical theatres or sports events in our lives. The atmosphere there is so amazing and cool and it blurs the lines between caste, religion, color, and race. Everyone is equal there which binds everybody together. The feeling of buying a ticket, watching something, loving it, and feeling that every penny was worth it is something else altogether. 

The same feeling can’t be replicated through ticket scalping. Now, what is ticket scalping? This is not a common phrase or term that we use in our daily lives but the activity of ticket scalping is being carried out on a daily basis. Let’s first get to understand what ticket scalping means.

Ticket scalping or ticket resales is basically an activity of buying tickets and then reselling them at a higher price. This generally happens in theatres or sports events. People who do not want to stand in a long queue or just the sheer fact that the tickets aren’t available anymore, go for buying these tickets. This is unfair and wrong on many levels. Quoting a higher price for tickets and earning a business out of it is disgraceful. 

Let’s start by understanding that ticket scalping is unethical and a through fraud. This has now become a business for a lot of youngsters to earn quick money. It is unethical as it becomes unfair for all the others who actually wanted to purchase the ticket through the right way and wouldn’t get it because it has been sold off to these ticket scalpers. 

There are a lot of boards in front of such ticket counters as well that address this issue too. You will find boards that say “Resale of tickets at any price is prohibited” but not much of it is followed. It is very important to follow the laws and go according to the rules that have been laid out. For some quick money, hard-earned money and time are wasted which obviously isn’t fair. 

Earlier, ticket scalping was done on a large scale, but because of the internet, online bookings are something that people prefer to do so. This doesn’t mean that ticket scalping has stopped but surely means that it has reduced to a comparatively lower rate, which is great. Malpractices are something that aren’t taken as seriously, it needs to stop and so should ticket scalping.