Marketing and advertising during festivals

Purchase decisions are often driven solely by emotions. That is why the festive holiday seasons pose a great opportunity and bonus for brands to remind their customers about their products with great marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns. These times of the year furnish a great platform to reconnect with prospective and current clients. Hence, there is a need for effective plans to be carved out.

The festival season observes a great increase in efforts from brands to market their products and services. Discounts can work in the short term but consumers may get lost in the sea of similar discounts given by other brands. What can make a brand’s service or product stand out though is an intangible and emotional connection with the prospects that are relevant to the festive spirit so that they are inclined towards the product before even stepping out for shopping.

Brands reportedly spend more than a quarter of their annual advertising and marketing during the festive season. These spendings include a blend of promotions with discount offers across mediums such as print, radio, outdoor, television, and social media platforms. And in a market in which there is a plethora of competition among similar products, brands are trying to create a seamless experience for consumers to help them drive sales. Reaping benefits from social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram has become a key for brands as large portions of target markets of brands are often found to be present here.

In this new approach to marketing and advertising, branding can be done effectively in these seasons. Brand awareness, brand perception and a deeper connection with the audience can be built in these times.