The Bollywood cartel has be thriving on plagiarized content since forever. Celebrities “take inspiration” from other artists and pass off the work as their own. There is no shortage of credit hoggers. 

From composers copying music from western composers to making entire movies copied from other industries, even our very own Tollywood (South Indian film industry), Bollywood is downright making knockoffs and is absolutely unapologetic about it.

When it comes to plagiarism Bollywood has been there, done it all. Bollywood unarguably has produced gems and one-of-a-kind but now it has majorly come down to distasteful copies and remixes of diminishing quality. Bollywood artists lack basic ethics and decency to give credits.

It has become so normal that Bollywood will plagiarize that no one bats an eyelid when it is done. Imitation might be the best form of flattery but not for artists, artists like to get credits when and where it’s due.

You will be surprised to know that one of our most patriotic songs “Mera mulk, mera desh” is copied from the Israeli national anthem. To be honest, there is no point in listing the content Bollywood artist has plagiarized because the list is tiresomely long.

Artists globally should realize that intellectual property should be respected and they should do the bare minimum by giving credit courtesy to their fellow artists. It is high time we took matters in our hands, call out artists who plagiarize content and disrespect the hard work of others.