It is not a secret that people follow fans religiously and go to crazy, absurd lengths to show their love. Celebrities play a huge role in the life of their fans and have a hold on their behavior towards certain things. 

But what happens when one such celebrity commits suicide?  Suicide is a grave mental health problem. People ignore it to the point of death and celebrities are no different. With such high-pressure lives, they tend to have many problems that they fear to address. 

In recent times, the reports of celebrity suicide have risen. The high-profile cases gain a lot of attention and with the help of social media the news spreads like wildfire. People accuse other celebrities or family members of the deceased. The fans follow the police investigations and start movements to get justice for their “star”.  

Most of the time this blame game, irresponsible sharing and consumption of information by vulnerable people causes havoc and harm. Celebrity suicide also have  long-term influence and risk for suicide ideation in the followers or people with suicidal tendencies. 

The fans themselves may go into depression or develop severe psychological issues. It may even cause people to have irrational thoughts either because they were emotionally attached to the celebrity or because their trauma resembled the celebrities’ trauma and now they may relate to it. Obviously, no one here is at fault or can be held accountable.

People need to take mental health issues seriously and get treated for the same. Celebrities should use their power to spread awareness about mental health issues, tell people how there is no shame in accepting and getting treated.