We have heard from everyone that smoking is injurious to health. Even the big brands of cigarettes sell their product by mentioning how dangerous smoking cigarettes to your health would be. Despite this fact, many people indulge in smoking because of habit, addiction, or association. When it comes to the corporate world, many of the employees are addicted to tea and cigarettes. Many non-smokers complain that smoking breaks give smokers a good chance to slack off or get extra breaks. No doubt there is a debate that non-smokers should get compensated for not taking search breaks.

Many training and employing solutions have come up with a certain policy for non-smokers. For example, if someone takes three times of 10 minutes smoke breaks, this would equal five days in a year if we consider 8 hours of the working day. Therefore, a non-smoker can be awarded these many leaves yearly. 

The problem is this creates a sense of discrimination among the smokers who would say the thing they are getting penalized for smoking. However, it is also possible for smokers to quit smoking to benefit from such a policy. 

One should see the bigger picture in this regard: this smoking habit or break or whatever you call it. It is not sanctioned by the company only if there are any exceptions. Technically, the company shouldn’t give extra breaks or provide leaves to non-smokers. 

Suppose the employer is coming up with certain policies. It should be taken after considering various factors as it can be counted as a benefit or can turn away many potential employees from working in the company. A well-informed decision will be quite beneficial in the long run. Ultimately, upper management will sanction any new rule, and it has to be fair to all without making someone feel discriminated against or disadvantaged.