Positive and negative both keywords go hand in hand. Positive keywords are words that you use to generate your ad. Negative keywords prevent advertisements from displaying for particular keywords and also exclude them from getting ranked for irrelevant keywords.

Keywords play an important role and decide how your ad gets published on a search engine. 

Let’s see the example of positive and negative keywords. So let’s assume one need keywords for “TRAVEL”

Positive Keywords

Free travel

Fun travel

Travel trailers

Travel time

Negative Keywords ( At times the minus ( – ) sign, stands for negative keywords)

No bargain




These are the words that do not match the context at all and indicates something different. Get negative keywords right, and Google Ads can boost your business needs to hit the next level.

How to build Google Ads

Do not use too many negative keywords

This is the most common problem with Google Ads. The average Google ad account wastes 76% of its budget on the wrong target keywords. So make sure you don’t make the same mistake

Using negative keywords in the wrong place

Yes, you are reading this right. When you start adding negative keywords, it’s important to go in with a strategy. 

So to make content impact and reach a wider audience, one should do smart work and play with both, positive and negative keywords while being aware of their placement. Both positive and negative keywords go hand in hand, so, make sure you use them wisely.