Psychology in marketing and advertising

In marketing understanding, your customers buying behavior is very important and for that, you need to know what and how they are thinking during the time of purchase. Advertising and marketing strategy can manipulate the customers towards any product or service and in doing so, the advertisers and marketers should recognize the perception of their target market. 

Here is some marketing psychology that the marketer’s triggers to influence consumer behavior to promote their product:

  1. The most basic psychology of any person is to get accepted socially. They often see what other people are purchasing and end up getting the same item for themselves. Also, some people often refer brands to their friends and family, which helps the brands to gain more potential customers.
  2. Valuable things are limited and people get attracted more to the limited edition items. Many times we have seen that advertisers use these terms like ‘limited offers’ or ‘last five days to order’, and so on, in their advertising campaigns. This triggers the customers FOMO (Fear of missing out) anxiety, where they end up buying the product.
  3. From childhood we have been taught that we should exchange gifts on any occasion. The marketers and advertisers often take advantage of this psychology. They offer you gift hampers or combo, which is appealing to customers as don’t have to think about what to give, they find these hampers very convenient.
  4. Moreover, marketers set prices like 399, 799, and so on, this is the way to attract customers. Customers feel that they are saving one rupee while this is just a tactic to attract more customers. When you purchase from e-commerce websites, they set bars for free shipping options for instance reach Rs 599 to get free shipping and so on. These are some ways how they make customers purchase more.

In some campaigns, advertisers try to involve their customers also by asking them to upload a picture using their product with a trending hashtag. Brands also use influencers to reach out to their customers. These are amazing tactics used by marketers and advertisers through which they trigger the customer’s mind so that they can buy their product.