The term “abstract” refers to anything that can be thought out or that exists in theory but not physically. Any and every marketing plan starts as an abstract idea that can later become concrete action. We do not even realize just how many abstract ideas are used to base a marketing campaign on. Marketing campaigns try to tell a story generally in which their product or services are incorporated to appeal to people. Abstract ideas like love, ambition, hope, happiness, sadness, loss, etc. are all used to tell a story in a marketing campaign. 

Most marketing campaigns, from chocolates to medicines, all have a similar theme where it is bought for the ones we love and care for as we want to make them happy. All of these ideas are in fact abstract since neither can you see nor touch love. It is not something tangible like the product itself but it aims to evoke some feelings in you and that is completely based on an abstract idea. Marketing campaigns for perfumes especially have extremely abstract ideas that are incorporated to get the idea of the product across and the senses or feelings the product evokes. 

In this fast-paced world where attention spans are getting shorter every day, it is guaranteed that a well-thought visualization can tell more than a thousand words. If successfully done, the marketing campaign will produce content that uses the power of visuals while evoking the much needed abstract feeling people associate with the product and service.