Whenever we visit a nutritionist or a dietician, we also say that “I want to be thin.” We never say, “I want to be healthy.” Why so? Because being thin is assumed with being healthy. But is that the case always? Certainly not! Thin always doesn’t min healthy and fit. 

We live in a world today where we are surrounded by misconceptions related to our body and health. For instance, if we see a fat person, we instantly assume that he/she might be unfit and unhealthy. We don’t realize it, but we are promoting hypothetical beauty standards disguised in the form of health. This obsession with being thin has prevailed in our society for ages now. And the “trend” doesn’t seem to stop. 

People literally starve themselves to look a certain way. Mainly thin! Even the definition of good-looking indirectly means being thin. Assumptions are made that thin people would be healthy. But, contrary to popular belief, in a study of genetic analysis of more than 75,000 people, it was found out that thin people with a specific genetic variant are at a higher risk of developing Type-2 diabetes and heart disease due to their lowered body fat. The amount of fat in these kinds of people doesn’t show on their body, instead, it affects their internal system. This fat has been termed as “skinny-fat.”

The obsession with being thin has brought with itself a chronic mental disease called Anorexia. It is an eating disorder wherein people intensively fear being overweight. The symptoms of this disease include maintaining below-normal body weight. People practice this by excessively starving themselves and by working out rigorously. Anorexia leads to a lowered self-esteem and a feeling of being constantly low. 

A skinny physique is invariably related to assuming the person is fit and healthy. Skinny people are generally not bombarded with body-shaming remarks because of all the wrong assumptions that follow. If you are skinny, there are chances that you fall in the underweight category. that is not good either. Being underweight is also a sign of your body being unhealthy. 

To conclude, just like fat people, thin or skinny people also have their fair share of health-related problems. So, do you still believe skinny is healthy?