Endorsements are a popular means of advertising and promoting a brand. To boost revenue and sales, brands often choose sports athletes to endorse them.

Marketing executives for big brands are always hunting for sports athletes. After all, it has been proven over the years that sports stars can sell and promote a brand.

Perhaps, contemporary companies find it necessary to create connections between the brand and the consumer through celebrity faces. 

For years, luxury brands have been using print media to promote their brand, but in the past years, the market demographics significantly saw athletes marketing for several brands.

Using athletes and celebrities as a face to endorse helps the brand to capture its fan base. This increases brand value and credibility and opens it up to new markets and better demographics.

McDonald’s and Sprite are promoted by Lebron to retain its millennial fan base. Many consumers who don’t rely on the quality of a newly launched product find it easy to trust when their favorite sports star is endorsing the brand. Endorsers indeed establish tremendous value and need for a brand and it’s services.