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Stories to read this weekend

The rains are all set to make a comeback, the blistering heat is taking a step back and it’s the perfect time to curl up and start a novel (or two!). Delve and dive, as you fix up a diet of classics, thrillers or any of your favourites. It’s time to draw in the heady perfume of the musty smell of old books, feel the imprint of the timeless magic of thoughts of decades gone past, slip effortlessly into a waltz in 18th century Versailles, or make an escape from bandits in a bloody battle, partake in an adventure a la carte, dance to the celebration of lives, incidents and iridescent worlds – all of this, simply curled up in your favourite corner of the house, with a hot cuppa coffee by your side.

Some novels which you simply can’t not read!

  1. To kill a mockingbird
    The front runner in classic American Literature, Harper’s Lee’s iconic novel is unusual for its variance in the warmth of its tone besieged as it is, intermittently by subtle humour and the serious theme of rape and racial inequality that it deals with. Exploring contrasting emotions, in its very basic nascent stages, this makes for one compelling read, any day!
  2. Wuthering Heights
    Simply put, classics like these are a privilege to read! Capturing the passionate love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, the novel explores the chemistry between the two, right from when Heathcliff leaves, assuming his love for Catherine wasn’t returned, to his coming back as an extremely wealthy man who’s determined to exact revenge for the previous miseries eked out to him.
    The vivid, detailed descriptions of the dreary moorland, combined as they are with the passionately delivered replies are a contrast which remains etched in the mind of the reader, even after one has put down the book.
  3. Game of Thrones (A song of ice and fire):
    The tv series of the same has taken social media by storm, with its unbelievable plot twists and turns and the mind boggles just imagining what a crazy read the book would be! Follow the struggle for the Iron throne across all realms which span struggles with the white walkers, the mysteries across the Night’s watch, to family betrayals, duels, as the mad lust for revenge has the readers speculating like wildfire of the next possible move! Throw in the delectable rugged looks of the men, their fierce battle gear and the medieval gowns and bam! Congratulations! You just got readers cum die-hard fans who can’t wait to get their hands on this epic book!
  4. The Bell Jar
    Slyvia Plath’s sole work as a novelist, often regarded as a roman-à-clef, as the protagonist’s descent into insanity mirrors Plath’s own is a shockingly realistic novel, which captures the bright, beautiful, and successful Esther Greenwood, slow spiral into madness. No reader can remain an aloof third person while reading Plath’s masterpiece; You find yourself on the very periphery, as you discern between fact and fiction at Plath’s brilliant reading of the human psyche which leaves you speechless.
  5. Those Pricey Thakur Girls
    Catch Anuja Chauhan at her wittiest best, as she animatedly tells a story weaving around the five daughters of Justice Laxmi Narayan Thakur and his wife Mamta, all blessed with their own distinct (sometimes clashing) persona, their intermixed stories, and especially that of the quietly fiery Debbie, stolen under our very nose by the dashing Dylan Singh Shekhawat.
  6. The Sialkot Saga
    “So, can it be that a man is both, sinner and saint, victor and victim, black and white?” The newly released novel by Ashwin Sanghi promises to be a toe-curling read as the master storyteller weaves a yarn of intrigues, fantasy and fiction, running on the threads of past and present, as it traces the trajectories of two businessmen, leading to an ending none could have guessed.

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