Even the top creative agency in India has to agree that emotional appeal works wonders for a brand. Every brand caters differently to a different audience, hence they can’t have a similar approach. Brands use different ways to appeal to their target audience to market their product. Nowadays social media is growing on a large scale, which is why brands are using it to promote their product. Top social media agencies in India that have popular brands under their banner use emotional engagement to woo the audience. Let’s understand the art and science that goes behind emotional engagement.

Starting with science, a lot of colors, designs, the way it is branded as well as the images used, affect the emotional engagement. Let’s take an example of color here. It is known that colors affect the way we look at things and also our emotions. The color red ignites a sense of power whereas black depicts mystery. Hence, a lot of brands use color as a way to project their advertisement a certain way as they know it will connect to the audience on an emotional level.

Coming to how art is connected to emotional engagement. The way an advertisement is showcased to the audience itself shows how artistic the brand is. A lot of times we see inspiring stories that are portrayed in the form of advertisements by various brands. Amul, as a brand is just the perfect example as it artistically uses day-to-day issues to market its brand.

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