What do you do when you want hot-selling tickets to your favorite football match or a concert? You either buy them or ask a friend or a known person for tickets. But have you ever wondered from where does your friend get these tickets? And how does he get them in bulk?  

Well, there is a term called ticket scalping for this act. Ticket scalping means when someone resells a ticket for huge events. Ticket scalpers usually bulk buy from licensed buyers and resell these tickets to their friends, family, and other people. Ticket scalping is also called as ticket releasing or ticket touting. When they know an event is already going to be a hit, they buy multiple tickets for the same and sell it. Some scalpers sell the tickets for a higher rate, some for a lower. This completely depends on them. 

If an event has an increased market value, the tickets tend to get sold out from licensed sellers quickly. This is where the scalpers come into play. They buy the tickets before-hand and sell them usually at a higher rate. Some ticket scalpers are also found roaming around the stadium or the place of the event hours before it starts. Here, they sell tickets to people who couldn’t buy them beforehand. These tickets are mostly sold at double the rate. There are regular ticket scalpers who have tickets to every seasonal event. For instance, we all know that one friend who always has tickets to multiple IPL matches every year. You can call him a full-time ticket scalper. 

Ticket scalping is considered unethical and wrong. There has been an ongoing debate as to whether ticket scalping is good or not. While the majority of people are against this technique, many believe that this activity contributes to the total welfare of the event or concert. 

Ticket scalpers are now making use of a software, wherein the bot automatically buys 40% of the tickets from online sites. This leads to a scarcity of tickets and people have no option but to go to these scalpers. 

Ticket scalping needs to stop because it is a wrong practice and gives rise to some unethical behaviors. Over a period of time people get used to scalping tickets and it then turns into a vicious cycle. Apart from this, innocent people are paying large sums of money just to watch a live event. It means that they are spending extra money. A ban should be permanently put up on ticket scalpers to make things more ethical and to imbibe certain regulations among people.