Iconic star cast, superb dialogues and the battle between drama and action, this year’s Independence Day just got better. The two movies we’re talking about are John Abraham’s ‘Satyameva Jayate’ vs Akshay Kumar starrer ‘GOLD’. From the trailers, it seems that Satyameva Jayate is a treat for action film lovers while Gold is based on an inspiring story of India’s first post-independence Olympic medal in hockey.

It is roughly two weeks before the movies hit theatres and the cast of both the movies got engaged in promoting their films. With newspaper ads, Billboards and TV commercials being the primary source to target the audience, production houses have also used social media websites to promote their movies. Popular websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram excite audiences. Current statistics of both the movies on social media are as follows:

Satyameva Jayate:

  • YouTube: The John Abraham starrer launched its trailer on 28th June 2018 which has garnered 33 million views till now. Three songs have been launched from the movie named ‘Dilbar’, ‘Tajdar-E-Haram’ and ‘Paniyon Sa’. The official videos of these songs have reached 144m, 7.5mn and 40 mn view respectively.

  • Instagram: To promote the movie on Instagram, the makers have been posting videos clips from the trailers and teasers regularly. The page is being operated under the Instagram handle SMJFilm and has 1,141 followers. With over 110 posts, the SMJFilm gets an average of 600-1000 likes on images and more than 2000 views on most of the videos. There is also a contest on Instagram called ‘Satyameva Jayate Contest’ where the participants have to recreate a scene from the trailer by using a dialogue.

  • Twitter: Satyameva Jayate is also a trending topic on twitter. The movie has a twitter page under the SMJFilm handle. The page has 572 followers and has an average of 20-30 retweets on every post.

  • Facebook: Satyameva Jayate has a Facebook page with a whopping 17,730 people following the page. Just like other platforms, the page features clips and stills from the movie. The ‘Satyameva Jayate Contest’ is also being run on Facebook and has received a positive response so far.


  • YouTube: GOLD is not much far from its rival, the trailer of the movie was launched on 24th June 2018 has managed to get 31 million views till now. There are also three song from the movie on YouTube named ‘Ghar Layenge Gold’ which has 6.6 million views, ‘Chad Gayi Hai’ has 28 million and ‘Naino ne Bandhi’ has 28 million views. To promote the movie the lead star Akshay Kumar featured on a video of a popular YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani. The video has a humorous tone and has reached 10 million view in 4 days.

  • Instagram:The movie does not have an Instagram page but has the hashtag ‘#GoldtheFilm’ trending.

  • Twitter:On twitter, the movie is being promoted through Akshay Kumar’s official page but does not feature any promotional posts or videos.

This Independence Day, get ready to go on a movie spree and witness an unusual box office clash where an action packed corruption revolt stands against an inspiring sports drama.