71 years have passed since India has totally transformed. In the year 2015, the Digital India initiative lead by Shri. Narendra Modi was a masterstroke to represent India’s growth in the digital domain. From creating digital identities for every citizen of our country to developing secure and stable digital infrastructure, we have witnessed exponential growth.

As India grew digitally, all the agencies have had the privilege of working for brands that have truly believed in the power of digital medium. Along with this, they had the belief in agencies to help them meet their agenda, and they’ve never let them down! Digitization has proved to be a boon for these markets and has helped the brands to grow by leaps and bounds. Some giant leaps were taken by major industry players in our country in the year 2018 that managed to grab the world’s attention. One of the biggest examples is Walmart’s acquisition of the e-commerce giant Flipkart.

August the 15th is a very important day in the calendar for marketers across India.  It’s that time of the year when all major companies let the rabbit out of the hat and vouch for the Indian buyer’s attention. Naturally, this is also the time when we get to see some super smart marketing techniques being deployed by Indian companies. These techniques aren’t just centered on selling products, but also invoke a sense of patriotism. Today, we present before you some of the best strategies you can come across!

  • Bajaj Avenger’s #NoPlasticPatriotism

    – Bajaj Avenger decided to drift away from all the clichéd stuff and instead chose to make the average Indian a responsible citizen by thinking twice over the plastic usage.

  • Vivo India’ Happy Independence Night

    – Smartphone maker Vivo India launched its campaign titled ‘Happy Independence Night’. This video campaign was a hit with viewers and garnered over 2.6 million views in just 3 days. The whole idea behind the campaign was to drive conversations around women’s safety. The video drove a lot of conversations and the Vivo India hit the nail with this one.

  • Paytm’s #AadatSeAazadi

    – One of the most brilliant activations undertaken by a company that underlines the services they provide is the #AadatSeAazadi by Paytm. The campaign really made the viewer’s think about their dependency on cash and highlighted the merits of going cashless. By opting for digital payment, one truly becomes ‘independent’ of cash. The perfect idea to launch on the perfect occasion.

  • BookMyShow

    – BookMyShow took the funny route this Independence Day when they poked fun at companies who leave no stone unturned for their promotional activities. This was done for Akshay Kumar’s movie Gold which hits the theatres on the 15th.

  • Cleartrip

    – Cleartrip invited users to ask them questions about travel, solo travel to be specific and they arranged for a panel of writers who answer the questions in real time. This was supported by 5 stories written by various travel writers and influencers. An attempt to promote solo travelling, maybe?

  • Tata Tiscon

    – History books have taught us about the significant contributions of freedom fighters in creating the foundations of the nation. However, how many of us know about that selected bunch of people who with their unmatched contribution can be called the nation builders of post-independent India. Tata Tiscon created a video that gives a reality check on your knowledge about some of the jewels of our country.

With such path-breaking concepts being brought to fruition by our country’s biggest brands, we have really come a long way from the marketing tools and techniques that were used a few decades ago. With sunSTRATEGIC being a part of this digital gamut, we can proudly say that we as a nation, have come of age!


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