This weekend, the box office has some interesting cards on the deck. The audiences might have a tough time choosing between ‘Paltan’ a war trilogy with a superb star cast or ‘Manmarziyaan’ a bubbly romance drama with a modern day love triangle.


Paltan garnered hype from the time its markers uploaded the teaser trailer of the film. The movie’s star cast includes the likes of Arjun Rampal, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Sood, Gurmeet Choudhary and Esha Gupta. The trailer reveals that its plot revolves around the second Sino-Indo war of 1967 which took place at the Sikkim Military border. With Arjun Rampal and Jackie Shroff in the lead roles the movie is being highly anticipated by the audiences. As the movie is directed by the maker of Border and LOC Kargil J.P. Dutta, it is being said that Paltan might be an addition to the timeline.


Featuring a newly reformed ‘Kamli’ or Vicky Kaushal, cute looking Tapsee Pannu and the ever handsome Abhishek Bachchan. From the trailer uploaded on YouTube, Manmarziyaan shows a new age romance between Vicky Kaushal as Vicky and Tapsee Pannu as Rumi. Living in the prime of their romantic life, Rumi is hoping to marry Vicky but he is hesitant to talk to her parents for their marriage. Then breaks in the mediocre drama of Bollywood where Abhishek Bachchan enters as the perfect match chosen for Rumi. All this leads to a love triangle between them, which sparks a bit of drama, a tinge of intensity and lots of moments of realization. From the makers of Dev D and Gangs of Wasseypur, Manmarziyaan might feature some interesting plot spins.

Marketing strategies:

Just like every other movie, the marketing crew of both movies have used social and traditional media for promotion. Here are some stats of both movies’ online promotions.


Paltan started off by uploading a trailer teaser on YouTube on 7th May 2018, the teaser gained 402k views. The trailer was uploaded on 2nd August 2018 and has 7.1mn views. The movie also has songs ‘Raat kitni’, ‘Paltan’ and ‘Main Zinda Hoon’ that have over 1mn views. (Manmarziyaan), the love story has gained more views that its counterpart. The movie trailer has more than 13 mn views and was released on 8th August 2018. It also has three songs ‘Daryaa’, ‘Dhyaanchand’ and ‘F for Fyaar’, the official video of the songs have gathered an average of 1 million views.


The movie Paltan has an Instagram page with 1385 posts and 1281 followers. It operates under the handle paltan.2018 and has a hashtag as #Paltan. On the other hand, Manmarziyaan does not have its own Instagram page but the movie is being promoted by Vicky Kaushal and other people associated with movie through their personal Instagram accounts along with the hashtag #Manmarziyaan.


On Facebook, the movie Paltan has a dedicated official page with 728 followers. This page keeps uploading the latest clips and updates of the movie. Posts on this page have an average of 15-30 likes. Manmarziyaan, has two unofficial pages on Facebook with 728 and 316 followers.


It seems like the marketing team of both the movies have ignored this platform entirely. Neither Paltan nor Manmarziyaan have an official page on twitter, but they do have their hashtags trending via different accounts.

The cast of both the movies is also busy promoting the film through various TV shows, events and online podcasts. With fingers crossed let’s hope both the movies turn out equally entertaining and show great performance.