ATG (Alliance Tire Group), a subsidiary of The Yokohama Rubber Company is amongst the fastest growing Off-Highway Tire companies in the world.

ATG wanted to establish themselves in the Latin American market through Facebook and Instagram. Penetrating into this market required great skillset and niche knowledge as communication was required to be done only in Portuguese and Spanish language.

sunSTRATEGIC unfazed by the challenge and motivated with its expertise in handling international clients, not only helped ATG launch themselves on social media but they also grew both the pages to above 10,000 followers within a year. A fruitful year for the tire company saw them launch several campaigns powered by sunSTRATEGIC over the three quarters which yielded great results.

After conducting comprehensive research of the Latin American market, sunSTRATEGIC working in adherence to the brand’s goals, surpassed all expectations as set by the brand. In doing so, they made use of creative posts for all the social media platforms including blogs for LinkedIn which conveyed the message and attracted the OEMs in the Latin American market.

As our current client, sunSTRATEGIC takes great pride in creating, curating and maintaining ATG’s social media presence and helping it achieve unbelievable results in 2019.

Let’s talk numbers:

  • Through our campaign, ATG was able to reach 5,700 people in the first 5 days and in the next 5 days on were able to reach 6,900 people. Users were verified to be absolutely genuine.
  • There were 450 likes on the ATG page in the span of one day.
  • Around 50 people shared the engaging posts and 100 commented on the post in an interactive manner and showed interest in the activities.
  • People were able to connect with the ATG brand.


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