There are innumerable brands that create stunning marketing campaigns to grab the attention of the audience. Let’s take some inspiration from Home Depot, KFC, and Google as they made perfect use of content marketing to promote their products.

Home Depot: Woody, a character from Toy Story was found in the parking lot of Home Depot. Instead of throwing it away, they made use of it creatively. They created a whole story of Woody’s adventures and put it out on social media. These social media stories got transformed into stories that people loved, and it created a buzz overnight. This is how they made use of the power of social media. This is something that even the top creative agency in India must be inspired by.

KFC: As we are already aware, storytelling plays an important role in content marketing and this is exactly what KFC used. KFC put out a mini-movie called, “A Recipe for Seduction”. The movie became popular and connected very well with the audience. This just goes to show how incredibly well content marketing works if used properly.

Google: Google uses its content marketing strategies to perfection, which is why the company is such a hit. Google releases its set of the top searched items, which are divided as per country. For example, the top searched results for India will be different from that of the USA. It covers a lot of categories like recipes, sports, events, etc.

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