Unconventional marketing campaigns that benefitted brands immensely

Guerilla marketing focuses on preparing marketing ideas that are unconventional and cost-effective. It aims at taking the consumer by surprise, creating substantial amounts of engagement on social media, and making long-lasting impressions. And because it is unconventional, it can be understood the best when observed properly. We have put together some of the instances in which brands made use of this strategy.

Burn that ad by Burger King

This marketing campaign from Burger King generated great delight for their target audience as it showcased ideas that were out of the box and intriguing to customers. It also made them engage heavily with the brand. When users opened the Burger King application, they could point their smartphones towards the advertisements from Burger King’s competitors could witness the advertisements being burnt with the use of an Augmented Reality function. And once the flames went away, the users were offered a Whopper free of cost at the closest Burger King outlet to that advertisement.

Keeping up with the Bakers by Ted Baker

In 2017, to promote its Summer and Spring collection, Ted Baker came up with an eight-part sitcom known as “Keeping up with the Bakers.” In this campaign, they played out episodes on Instagram stories and provided incentives to the audience who watched every episode and completed the daily challenges that came with them.

Viral launch video by Dollar Shave Club

In 2012, Dollar Shave Club garnered a lot of attention with their historic launch video. It took the audience on a humorous walk through the business’s warehouse. It also poked fun at the difficulties that are encountered by people while shaving. It effectively managed to take up a fairly dull topic and make it entertaining.