Why you should be extra careful when posting on social media.

We live in times where almost everyone has an online presence and likes for the world to see what they are up to. Selfies, group photos, and even locations have become common things people tend to post when out with family or friends. Anyone and everyone can see what you are up to, who you are with, and where exactly you are. This may be a great way to let your followers know how much fun you had but repercussions for your safety should be kept in mind whenever you do. 

While it seems completely harmless to just post about the little restaurant you are at or what bar you are currently in, you need to keep in mind that the internet is a vast place. Sharing your experiences with friends and family is great but what about the people who you don’t know? If you have a public profile then all your content will be easily available to anyone who wants to see it. 

Sensitive information, especially, should not be posted anywhere online. Anything that can be used for malicious deeds is to be hidden. The most obvious would be details such as credit card numbers, phone numbers, even your full name should not be carelessly thrown around. Staying safe and informed about what goes on in the online world is a must for everyone. 

Keep in mind the safety of you, your family, and everyone around you when you make posts online. Boundaries are great, since it’s not just about your safety, but also about the fact that oversharing is a big problem. People do not want to hear every single detail of your life just like you do not want to hear theirs. It may be very tempting to tell everyone about everything in your life but you need to know where and when to draw the line.