Old Spice: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” advertisement was a game-changer for the brand. Old Spice was clever enough to realize that women in the family made the majority of buying decisions when it came to hygiene products. The new tagline with the handsome actor Isaiah Mustafa’s delivery made the advertisement a massive hit with its humor! 

Amazon: This Amazon Super Bowl advertisement from 2018 was a truly hilarious and unique advertisement that depicted a world where Amazon’s AI Alexa has lost her voice and was then replaced by some well-known people. Each personality gave their hilarious two cents about the question asked. The star-studded ninety-second advertisement featured a list of celebrities like Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, and even Amazon chief Jeff Bezos.

Snickers: Snickers launched their “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign with Betty White during the 2010 Super Bowl and it shook the commercial film world! That ad went viral and topped every ranking that year and that was followed by an increase in sales by millions in only two years. This tagline is even now used globally by the brand after over an entire decade due to its massive success.

Coca-Cola: The “Share a Coke” campaign from Coca-cola is known all over the world now but got its start in Australia in 2011. This campaign started when Coca-Cola decided to put up personalized Coke bottles for sale with over a hundred popular names in the country. This was so famous that it was adopted all over the world and over time, Coke had so many requests regarding it that they made it possible for people to order custom bottles with nicknames on them.