AirBnb is known for being an online marketplace, where people share private spaces around the world for short term rentals. There rooms are affordable, unusual and designed to give the best user experience for any traveller who stops by, in any part of the country.

Now, of course, you’d ask me. Pfft! What’s so different about this and other accommodation providing agency?

Well, AirBnB is not just a company, its a community. Its where people come together to share their stories. Its where people who put up their flats for rent make sure that any traveller has his fill of the local experience as well, be it an exotic fruit or a cuisine particular to that region.

It’s no wonder that the organisation has over 500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries! Fun fact – they have become the world’s largest hotel group all without owning a single hotel!

Start-ups all over the world are springing like chaff out of a wheat plant, and being ahead of the rat race, requires us to not make the same mistakes which other brands did and consequently, flopped but learn from theirs and take our own initiative forward! Here’s a list of things we can learn from the highly successful run of AirBnb’s:

  1. Great content gets you places

    The AirBnB app is replete with great stories. Over the last few years, they’ve created a repository of the greatest collection of stories on their websites, which are nothing short of magical and destined to leave you hanging for more. These stories are extremely moving and manage to create an emotional attachment with the readers. They also provide a digital neighbourhood guide which promises high quality content coupled with advice from hosts.

  2. Invest in good graphics

    Scrolling through the AirBnB would have you gaping open mouthed at the picturesque photos. The design and layout shows the importance Airbnb places on creative graphics. Also, one amazing feature of AirBnB is the free professional photography which they provide to all their hosts, to keep the high level of imagery consistent throughout the site. These images are perfect for the surfing audience as well who’re easily inspired by beautiful pictures of potential destinations they wish to travel.

  3. Build a community of loyal users

    Airbnb is more than just an accommodation provider; it’s a community of travel lovers. The site prides itself on building trust and establishing personal connections with other users. AirBnB maintains a transparent interface between guests and hosts where each side can communicate frequently to overcome any concerns or answer any questions which the other might have.

  4. Simple operations

    All AirBnB users are encouraged (and required to!) build their profiles with photos and descriptions. By making profiles compulsory Airbnb can also make the booking process completely painless since no address or phone number or personal details are required. The user simply enters their payment information and they are done. This one step process is very user friendly.

  5. Customization of experience

    This is the point where AirBnB trumps its competition! Whereas traditional hotels are content to give mere accommodation facilities, Airbnb provides authentic local experience by focusing away from the major attractions and instead recommending restaurants and things to do which would be typically off “the tourist trail”.

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