To draw more visitors to your website you need to focus on the following aspects:

User-Friendly UI (User Interface)

Keep it Simple! With simple UI and fascinating content, you can keep your visitors engaged. Also, a friendly user interface allows your visitors to scroll through all the menus and sections of the website. 

Segregated Site Map

A smartly segregated site map helps your visitors to find the correct landing pages for their needs. 

Give Them Amazing Offers

Reward them for their website engagement with gift vouchers, special discounts, promo codes, and free delivery. These rewards help you to build a positive image in your customer’s mind. Eventually, these visitors become your loyal customers.  

Stay Consistent with Content

Keep your website active by uploading blogs, videos, tutorials, special sales, and amazing offers. These things make your potential customers visit your website again and again. 

Speed up Image Loading Time

Images slow down the page loading time that causes an increase in visitor bounce rate. To prevent this, use image optimization and increase the speed of image loading time. 

Add Call To Action Button and Lead Forms

An accurately placed CTA button helps your customer reach out to you in the quickest way, while lead dorms provide you with customer data that helps you in re-marketing. 

If you can focus on these key aspects, you can improve your website’s ranking and visitor engagement.