Media planning is a fairly traditional concept that has been prevalent for ages. Even if you are the most trusted digital marketing agency in India, you will resort to media planning to get things in place. 

What is media planning?

Media planning is the process where marketers decide when, where, and how often should content be placed on the desired social media. These media planners use experience and research in this process. If a brand wants to reach the correct audience, then media planning is very important. Media planners provide mass appeal by selecting the right kind of channels for you. The job of media planning is also to determine the best combination of media to achieve desired objectives. 

Why should content marketers care about media planning?

You might think that being a content agency, you do not require media planning. But that’s not true. Media planning is a process that even the top content agency in India will require. While you may feel that generating content is fairly modern and media planning will not do the trick, a good media planning agency will put things into perspective for you. Your content will be able to reach a large number of people through the process of media planning. Moreover, content marketers have now started their own media planning agencies where they plan according to their needs and wants. 

All in all, media planning is a great way for content marketers to expand themselves and get noticed.

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