Film production is a long, multi-step cycle of making motion pictures that can at times take a very long time to finish. Creation of films undergo five principle stages. The initial step of film creation is the development stage, where all the underlying details and finesse of the film are sorted out prior to entering pre-production, which centers around research, casting, and location exploring. In this stage, you’ll build up a production company  and set up a creation office. This is the place where the arranging of your film shoot will happen. Pre-production includes finishing the shooting content, discovering shoot areas, and sorting out the creation spending plan. This is additionally the stage where you’ll secure key crew members for your production group, like the director of photography, assistant directors, unit production managers, and costume designers etc. When all the pieces are set up, imaginative arranging starts. Every office works with the line maker to separate what each field needs to appropriately execute the chief’s vision. This is additionally where creatives settle the sound plan for the hearable experience of the film.

Once pre-production is complete, shooting begins. After shooting is completed, the post-production phase begins where the audio and visual materials are edited, arranged and combined to create a new and complete narrative (film). An editor gathers footage one shot after another, adds music and other audio-visual effects. Some other segments of filming like pick-up shots, voiceover, Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) can also be included in the post-production phase. All these components are knitted together to make a multi-tactile experience we call a film.