TikTok has a fair number of followers and a loyal fanbase too. The amount of people using TikTok are growing considerably but the rating seems a bit indifferent. Why is that so? Yes, TikTok does have a massive fan-following but it also has some haters. Every big business, company, brand or even platform has haters. That’s not new. Every coin has 2 sides, heads and tails. Similarly, everything has 2 effects, negative and positive. There are a number of incredible creators that put out brilliant concepts and ideas that are immensely entertaining, but there are also come “creators” that use it wrongly and the rise of such TikTokers is pretty unfair.

Firstly, some concepts that are being put out on the platform are not child-friendly and somewhat inappropriate. Since TikTok is an open community, it is open to all age groups. A lot of children are exposed to such concept and also end up making such TikTok themselves to stay on with the trends. This affects the children and their mindsets in a very negative way. Making innovative concepts is great but making vulgar content just for seeking attention without any motive is not. A lot of videos of children making inappropriate TikToks are going around the corner and this is one unfair reason. 

Animal abuse is something that is practised on TikTok as well and it is just pure inhumanity and brutality. A lot of these Tiktokers put videos of harassing and abusing animals which in a way promotes that. It is not entertaining in the slightest, instead it is pure inhumanity and should to stopped immediately. There are a few guidelines that must be followed but the app seems to allow that, which is what it encourages these unfair TikTokers. It is important for the people to know what actual entertainment is and this is no that.

A lot trends on TikTok are not acceptable. They are not fun and entertaining instead life-threating as well. Challenges on this app go viral very quickly and people are up for it without thinking too much. This is not great, as doing something just because it is popular is not cool. Skull breaker challenges, salt challenge and many more are potentially dangerous and people should be aware about it. Blindly trusting something just because the whole world is doing it is not good and TikTok is making people lose their minds.

A lot of things depend on perception and how people see certain things. If you look at the positive aspects, it’s great and if you look and follow the negative, nothing can be done. Understanding what is right for you is something an individual should know themselves. TikTok is a great platform for a lot of creators but how those people use the medium is what sets everyone apart and makes the difference.