“First impressions are the last impressions”, this is what is said and we hear it all the time too. Well, it is not completely wrong too. It is not necessary, that first impression will define a person completely but does give a hint, which is why it is always important to make good first impressions. People are quick enough to judge and we shouldn’t give them any chance of criticising us. It is said “With a poorly dressed man, you notice the clothes and with a well-dressed man, you notice the man”. This is how much of a difference an image consultant can make.

Let’s start by first understanding what an image consultant is. As the name suggests, an image consultant helps to improve the physical as well as the overall personality of an individual. It makes a person approachable and appealing by working on everything, right from clothes to etiquettes. Starting off with advice in terms of clothes, the image consultant helps an individual dress appropriately for different occasions. They take care of the trends, the styling and make the person understand what works for them the best. 

Looking a certain way is very crucial for a job, as it makes a statement without you having to say anything. This is where an image consultant proves to be very helpful. Understand the body, the complexion, the colors and what matches with what is something a professional knows much better than us. Image consultants also advice on etiquettes and how to behave, hoe to answer certain questions, how to dodge them, etc. They take care of complete grooming and make sur to showcase and portray the best versions of yourself.

You might have seen how popular celebrities, be it sportsperson, any actor or actress or any known businessman/woman even behave. They are always well-dressed and groomed and know what to speak and how to answer. They are trained for this and always know what to expect. This is because of image consultant. As mentioned before, it is not always about the way one dresses, it is about how you pull that off and how you present yourself in front of people. An image consultant pays attention to details and that is what makes the person stand out. Overall, they are magicians. They don’t change you or your personality. They just enhance your strengths and help you put that out for the world to see.