People consider it casual and normal to compare one kid with another. But the one thing that they don’t realize is it affects the child’s mental health vehemently. Just how two colors can never be the same, two children can also not be the same. Comparing them has never done any good to anyone. Comparisons mostly take place when children go to school or are still completing their education in any other way. 

It is always harmful to compare students and does more harm than good. Constant comparison with a peer makes the student uncomfortable and causes stress. This leads to mental health issues and a prolonged sense of stress. The comparison causes students to lose focus on their studies. In some cases, students have also had an evident dip in their academics because of the continuous comparisons that they face. Cases of suicide and self-harm have also been reported for the same. 

Here’s why comparing students is not good for them:

Increases pressure:

Comparing one student with another increases pressure on them. The pressure of scoring good marks or the pressure of being on top always creeps in. Prolonged pressure can hamper the child’s mental health and academic deterioration. 

Added stress:

This is no hidden fact that comparing students increases stress in them. They feel they are in competition with the one they are being compared to. And this leads them to a constant urge of being on top, which is not right always. All these things add stress to the child’s mind. 

Constant need for recognition:

When you compare one child to another, he/she gets into a cocoon. They feel that they are doing good only when someone recognizes them or their work. This leads them to constantly asking for it. If in some cases they are not recognized then they take it too seriously. This then affects their mind and builds stress. 

We always feel that a child will perform better if they compared with others, but it doesn’t always work in their favor. It gives them above mentioned problems more than anything else. And its high time now that we stop this “trend” of comparing one student to another.