2020 was a nightmare in the true sense. A lot of people lost their jobs, a way of earning money and livelihood. The times don’t seem to get better anytime soon. The way YouTube is growing as a platform, a thought of “What if I start my own YouTube channel” might have crossed your mind. We see all these incredible YouTubers that are earning a large amonut of earnings, so a thought like this is natural to occur. But is it practical? If you feel becoming a YouTuber is a smart choice then continue reading as it will give you a clear picture of what are the possibilities and what actually goes behind the “Like, Share, and Subscribe”.

First off, if you are thinking of becoming a YouTuber with the aim of only earning money, then this might not be the job for you. Yes, you do earn money and you earn a good amount of money, but only if your channel is monetized and it crosses a certain number of subscribers. It’s not as simple as one might think. Everything takes time and patience and so does this job. Having a passion for entertaining people, providing knowledge, or putting up some valuable content on the channel is what will benefit you in the long run. People get attracted and curious to watch something that is unique and original which is why creating an individual identity is of utmost importance.

How will you establish yourself? Understanding what you want to present to the world is the key. Pick a genre and stick to it. It could be anything, but again anything that you are good at and that has the potential to be viewed by people. Put yourself out to the world and be real. Don’t try and hide your personality as reality is something that will always sustain and be appreciated in the long run. There are limitless genres available and there are also thousands of YouTubers that work on the same genres but understand how are all successful. The reason is their personality. Everyone brings out a certain quality about them that is different and that sticks out. This is something that you must work on.

Compromising on hard-work and determination will not lead you anywhere. It is not just about YouTube, as a career but any job. Working hard towards achieving something is very important. Nothing in the world comes for free, put in the hard work, and enjoy the success. Uploading regularly is very important as you never know, which video gets viral. Let’s take a simple example. Yashraj Mukhate, everyone knows him now because of the famous music pieces that he put out. But he was not as known as he is now. He kept on creating music until one blew up. Put out good content consistently, and you will get noticed.

Collaborations are again something that can work wonders. This of course happens when you make a name for yourself and create a niche for yourself. Once you are a little established, try to collaborate with other creators. This not only widens your horizons but will also put you out more for other potential subscribers. 

YouTube is a fickle business and also can be quite tricky, but what job is easy? It all requires hard work, constant dedication, determination, and most importantly quality content. The audience these days have become smarter. They easily reject content that they are not a fan of, which is why being ready for harsh criticism is also very important. A rose is incomplete without thorns, similarly, love and respect come with massive responsibility and also some hate. Accepting it all and owning up to it while continuing to work and strive better is the key quality of a YouTuber. All in all, being a YouTuber is a smart move, sure, but no success can be achieved without efforts and consistency.