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An open letter to Hrithik Roshan


No, we aren’t here to comment about the Hrithik-Kangana controversy.
No lamentations about the divorce either.

You see, that has already been done, and done so many times by any Tom, Dick and Harry that we’d rather not tread the same frequented path. Instead, let’s talk of, and let’s talk to, a person who at first look seems to have all the best things in life down to a nicety: pedigree, looks, talent and family.

But is that really so?

From a child who used to stammer to an actor who’s known for his brilliant dialogue delivery, from a self confessed ‘I don’t dance very well’ to becoming the dancer even the best of choreographers aspired to, from a shy introvert to a character who addressed over 10,000 people in Jodha-Akbar, from a frail child to an actor who is known for his Greek God physique, could the journey have been easy?

The interviews given over the years have had such a distinct fairytale, pixie dust tinge to them. One which we’ve heard over and over and the crowds have loved to lap up. You know the one, don’t you?

A boy adores a girl from far, but the girl is sent abroad to study while the boy stays back in India. Years later, the two meet in a traffic jam, driving their respective cars. The guy is thunderstruck at the gorgeous beauty driving the next car and is determined to know more of this girl. They meet again, at his sister’s engagement party and he realizes she’s the same girl who the shy introvert in him had adored right from his childhood. A year of wooing later, the boy declares that he couldn’t live a moment without his lady love. The young couple, madly in love marry some time later and thus marks the start of something beautiful.

Straight out of a Bollywood movie, isn’t it?
Thereafter, follows the list of top grossing movies which made over a 100-crore at the box office, the excusive brand endorsements, the precision in acting which have landed him the enviable position at the top rungs of the rarefied rungs of Bollywood and of course! The deluge of awards and trophies, and the insane amount of luck that this man has had.

But, again, we forget to see the journey.

Well, Hrithik, we see the man behind the actor, the one who pulls expressions from a well of his own experiences, who portrays his characters so convincingly that even the most hardened of people ache at the pathos of the situation. We see you chortling at a joke and the urge to join in giggling is almost obligatory. You, manage to capture the audience in a cocoon where crinkly eyed laughter, and philosophical epiphanies hold the fort of a loyal fan following, which has crossed the boundaries of age, time or days.

We see the human behind those crazy good dance moves, all the times you must have stumbled trying to get it right, the ones which must have resulted in aching bones – the same one which elicit a stand up cheering from the crowd in theatres.

We can imagine the hours of dubbing and the penchant for perfection in the hypnotic dialogue deliveries.

We see the dignified man who has never used the media for superficial publicity but utilized it at few points of his life to fend off unnecessary limelight from his family members, or to issue his side of the things, when things got too ugly.

We see the actor who has shied away from doing a thousand roles, but chosen to expend his art in a way which empowers people, an actor who’s bigger than his mere physique. As the actor himself says, “There are thousands of good-looking faces, but they will never be attractive. Your looks are a manifestation of what’s going on inside you. The world will look at you, the way you look at the world. I look at it as a very beautiful place, full of opportunities,” he says.

Cheers to a man, who has transcended all the boundaries which usually define an actor.
Cheers to a man who has fought with the odds, and never backed down before a challenge.

Continue being an inspiration! ☺


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