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When you are working late and trying to lose weight

Let me recount you a tale of Mr. X. So here’s a day in the life of Mr. X.

He gets up in the morning, downs a big breakfast and catches the local to his work. At work, he gets a token for the lunch, gets one yummy plate of chole and bhature from the office cafeteria, and of course, once in a while, there’s the occasional pizza order. In the evening, and through the night, X continues to work on the ongoing client’s work, interspersed with some midnight snacking. (Guilty pleasures, did we hear someone say? Of course! )

Come weekends, and X is off to dancing, in the city’s hottest bar, apart from the occasional pint of beer.

Now, come Monday morning, he stares at his paunch worriedly and starts counting the calories. The plate had all the green vegetables, the breakfast had proteins. So where did he err?

Pfft! Late night working, that’s where!

The science behind our body’s digestion says that when you eat anything, some of it is converted into glucose, to provide energy while the rest of it is turned into glycogen.

Before the advent of electricity, dinner was done and dusted before night set in. So our bodies were hardwired to expect a nightly fast – a time which’s used by the body to burn off fat. This was the time which our body used to convert glycogen into glucose and release it in the bloodstream to keep the sugar levels steady. Once the stored glycogen is gone, our liver starts burning fat cells for energy. Yes, you read that right— we burn fat while we sleep.

But, then came uncertain work timings, the concept of grabbing coffee on the go, working through the night, and satisfying growling tummies by a midnight snack consisting of maggi, or quietly nibbling a Silk Chocolate.

And your body never got the opportunity to burn any fat before you started reloading your glycogen stores again. And the time for burning fat was – Poof! Gone! Also, you being a night owl didn’t mend matters. In fact, night owls consume an average of 248 calories more per day than those who go to bed earlier, and most of those excess calories rack up after 8 p.m., according to a 2011 study published in the journal Obesity.

Well, well! Don’t worry, child! Heaven might or might not have a plan for you, but we do!

Here are some pointers to keep lean and fit:

  1. Have your food at roughly the same time, every day
  2. Have breakfast within an hour of waking up
  3. Eat smaller meals
  4. Squeeze in more movement
  5. Set up a home gym

Follow these simple pointers, keep a watch and allow your body clock an uninterrupted 8 hours in the night to burn off all the fat.

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