A position of authority with flair of creativity – who doesn’t dig that? An intersection of creativity and business often depends on how you can best interact with the client and your employees to make the two meet halfway. The creative directors are the ones who are forever pushing the limits, wrestling with stereotypes to pack in a punch in whatever they do.

A good creative director is someone who inspires his team to push their boundaries, think outside of the line drawn, spill colours outside the carefully drawn contours, not just dream; but, dream big. They are not afraid to think out of the box, and weave their paths amidst safe routes and outrageously audacious ideas. They are a fabric woven of colourful, creative and imaginative people who they lead from the front by being the best form of inspiration. 8 skills most creative directors need to be successful in their field:

  1. Innovation
    The first and foremost work of a creative director is to innovate. Be it bringing appeal to the most monotonous of tasks, or advertising a product in clear cut lines, the creative director denounces clichés at every point, embracing a love for the unconventional.
  2. Decision making
    The main forte of a creative director is the decision making prowess. A good director knows when to go with the flow, when to lean in to a demand of out of box thinking and when to go out on a limb.
  3. Be a good listener
    You know the maxim. A normal person listens to another person to reply back. A creative director listens to.. well, just listen. (As simple as that seems, as difficult as that is!) Through all the notes, paperwork, client inputs, its upto the creative director to listen to what the client wants to say and turn it into a platter of creativity and brilliance.
  4. Adaptable
    A creative director moulds himself to his client’s demands. The voice of the client company is what the director reflects tenfolds, in his works. The adaptability is also reflected in his everyday work. No two days are similar. One could be spent doing paperwork, the other could be spent whirling, managing ads and photoshoot!
  5. Communication skills
    Good communication skills are a heaven sent asset for any creative director. Be it while diffusing a situation with light humour, or subtly nudging an employee as to where he diverged from the right track, a director who knows his way with words is one who’ll go a long way!
  6. Be a sponge
    For a director, the creative process can never stop. Each day, each incident, each person is a muse, from whom/which something or the other can definitely be learned from.
  7. Filter
    A director should be able to filter the ideas which are the pillars to his project from the onslaught of all the papers and docs that the clients present.
  8. Inspire radical ideas
    A director should be one who actively promotes and encourages the flow of radical ideas. Often corporate clients go with the safest path of all, so its incumbent on the creative director to present the problem from every angle and present the filtered ideas of all the brainstorming sessions.

Different Strokes, For Different Folks.
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