Yes, we are referring to the slug in your office.

The one whose lunch hours last for eons, the despair of the entire office, the one who you can safely bid goodbye to for an hour or two, once he disappears from his room – waving papers, flashing a cheerful smile and a vague ‘Gotta get them xeroxed.’

You can see their beaming smiles from a distance of miles, bereft as they’re of the worries of office. Headphones plugged, they can be found humming to the sound of songs, as the chat button beside their name remains permanently green on Facebook, posting #instaclicks, taking the place of smileys with their wide gamut of expressions on snapchat, as they surf the net to their heart’s content; Leaving you wide eyed with wonder at the charming insouciance they deal with the world, in general, while you pulling hairs, huffing and puffing sprint to pay your bills before the deadline whooshes past!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Stop covering for them

    If you’ve been besieged by a turn of kindness, or are thinking of letting it skip this last time, Don’t! Stop covering for your lazy co-worker, because all the times you do, you’re simply letting them walk away with your hardwork.

  2. Discover what motivates them

    Besides the occasional slug, there may be people who want to work but are obstructed by some factors. Talk to them directly, ask them the reason why they aren’t putting in their full efforts.

  3. Talk to them when they start affecting you directly

    Communication clears a way, where hints fail. In a world of professionalism, it’s better to have a friendly discussion, when they directly start affecting your field of work.

  4. Address the logicality of the whole to them

    No work or even less work equates to unprofessional behaviour, which can even lead to a worker losing the job. A bad reference from a previous job is unlikely to land anyone with a great job in the job chain.
    Thus, it makes sense to rather put in the best effort in any job you work, and walk off to a better job with a brilliant reference.

  5. Talk to your manager

    A co-worker is liable to be besieged by the nuances of the situations, the nitty gritties that it might affect, but not so a manager. Managers live to serve a diet of brutal honesty and a one on one with a manager is sure to furnish a lazy co-worker to jump onto his toes and start taking his assigned duties seriously!

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