Think of childhood, and amidst days of no worries and playing in the nearest park, its the comic books which automatically come to mind. There were the inevitable Champak to look forward to, and oh! How could we forget – Archies Comics, a series which chronicles the adventures of Archies, good ole Betty, Veronica- the rich brat, the smart and sarcastic Jughead and of course Reggie, the snob, five typical high school friends living in a town where everything primarily revolves around them.

The main backdrop of the entire series was the hopeless love triangle between Archies, Betty and Veronica. Archie, could never decide between the wholesome, girl-next-door Betty or the rich heiress Veronica and thus, the feud continued.

Here are 5 things that Archies taught us –

  1. Little things matter
    When Archie saves up money to take Veronica on a date, but she leaves him for Reggie, Archie’s snobby nemesis, is when Archie is reminded to appreciate the simple things in life, settling for a date watching TV with Betty while she bakes him chocolate chip cookies.
  2. Friendships are important
    In a news which made a splash across the Internet, Archie dies — by taking a bullet for his gay best friend, army veteran, and newly elected senator Kevin Keller. And our favourite character dies the way he would have lived – for his friends.
  3. Fight for what you want
    Sweet, wholesome, blonde Betty and rich, entitled, brunette Veronica were stereotypical characters, but they were nothing if not determined and strong. They argued and schemed, planned picnics and bought new bathing suits, all supposedly to force Archie into finally choosing one of them. But he never really does, and they don’t seem to really care. They were having so much fun fighting for what they wanted; the freckled goof almost seemed like an afterthought.
  4. Do your own thing
    This is where the coolest of characters – Jughead makes its entry. Smooth and smart, you could always trust Jughead to come up with sarcastic one-liners, sharing the limelight with the Archie-Betty-Veronica love triangle and thus, providing the perfect backdrop for a comic series which was to be the favourite of many generations of users to come.
  5. A guy and two girls is equivalent to… bonhomie? No. Jealousy!
    Betty and Veronica completely ignored the biggest friend rule ever (do NOT fight over the same guy), with feuds enlivening every few page of the comic. From the lovable Betty to the rich, snobby Veronica, the two opposites have long kept the readers hooked, with their scheming and planning, set amidst dollops of interesting swimsuits, titbits of high school and what not.

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