Brands that are killing it with their tone of voice

The tone of your message expresses your brand’s identity, helps to engage with the target audience, and differentiates your brand from the rest. It illustrates the way a brand communicates with its customers and thus impacts how people anticipate its messaging. Here’s a list of brands that have found their voice and have stuck with it since:


Netflix has adopted a tone that you can rely on for a bit of laughter on social media. It doesn’t use a vague or controversial tone of voice, instead, it uses smart, witty, subtle, and relatable humor to engage with its target audience. It’s brilliant that Netflix uses its content – movies and shows as the basis for most of its memes which means it always highlights its shows. Nowadays, Netflix has started creating GIFs and short videos, blending its fun and humorous tone which attracts attention and makes the content even more shareable.


Starbucks has perfected its tone of voice, pleasuring social media followers with its precise and concise tone. With the brand guidelines available online, Starbucks has a section devoted to its message. Starbucks communicates to its audience with a functional and expressive tone. Using the perfect mix, the brand gets to create more space for pertinence, relationships, and happiness. 


An influential tone of voice requires a brand to have a complete understanding of its target audience. Uber is aware of this. It has cultivated a considerate, simple, bold, and consistent tone that indicates its values. Putting the audience first and writing content clearly and concisely makes Uber’s tone more significant. Consistency refers to Uber trying to unite the experience across channels, departments, countries, and languages.


Coca-Cola has adopted a consistent brand voice that is positive, friendly, and down-to-earth. Coca-Cola ads are always positive, showing what a happy life looks like. Even after being present in the market for over 30 years, Coca-Cola hasn’t changed its tone but remained consistent to spread joy and happiness. Coca-Cola brilliantly associates positive feelings with their drink using creative visuals and a perfectly constructed tone of voice.

No denying that these brands are consistently making content as per their customer’s expectations, but more importantly, the consistency in their tone, voice, and style is making them look different from the competition.