Brands that think outside the box.

While most brands try to follow a certain pattern to stay in vogue, some try to stray away from the norm and come up with innovative ideas to help people. Some brands have made a name for themselves and set themselves on a different level from others due to their futuristic campaigns, innovative products and unconventional ways of doing business.

Tesla: While anything that Elon Musk does is unconventional and unique, this company under him took automobiles to completely new heights. This is a company that is truly innovative and is always on the quest for next-level futuristic technology and sustainability. Tesla is now the most advanced electric car manufacturer in the world and for all the right reasons. Tesla has made huge changes to the automotive industry by introducing technology that doesn’t seem to belong to the present era.

Tesla, unlike other high-end businesses, have their own open-source patents, meaning they are open to working with everyone which is often not the case for other big brands who are secretive.Netflix: Netflix started as a traditional business, sending out DVDs to customers who wanted a theater-like experience at home. The company’s target audience was people looking for easy entertainment, who might not be interested in watching the latest releases. However, when they saw some changes happening in the market place, they decided to keep their target audience the same while changing their entire business model. They decided to move away from the traditional business of mailing and decided to “stream” their media instead. This was made possible due to the technological boom that gave customers a completely new experience of on-demand entertainment on their computers and mobile devices. It has grown so big that some people now consider their Netflix account to be an everyday essential.