Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is flooded with companies who constantly work towards providing all round solution to its consumers. From basic symptoms of cough and cold to post surgery pills each of these companies look forward to becoming the leader of future markets and Cadila Healthcare is one of them.

Cadilla Healthcare is the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in India, with INR 54.7 Billion revenue. A significant manufacturer of generic drugs, wanted to introduce a unique product in the Indian market named ‘Nucoxia D3’. The drug helps in the treatment of unspecified and vague body pain which is a common problem among women in India and has very low awareness.

The company’s aim was not just to achieve sales in the Indian market, but to increase awareness about Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Osteoporosis. For which it wanted to take an innovative approach and in May 2017 the company handed its mandate to sunSTRATEGIC.

sunSTRATEGIC took the mettle of increasing awareness and redirecting the crowd’s focus towards, Nucoxia D3. We created a digital campaign across multiple social media platforms, to increase the surround sound effect around Nucxoia D3 exponentially. A website was also created for doctors, patients and general audiences to provide information about the effects and causes of unspecified and vague body pain.

sunSTRATEGIC gave Nuxcoia D3 social makeover and it reflected in engagement with the fans.

Let’s talk numbers:

  • In three months Facebook likes elevated to 115%.

  • Engagement level of audience raised up to 148 % average in three months.

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