Cipla Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company and is among the market leaders of India. Cipla primarily develops medicines to treat respiratory, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes and other medical conditions.

The company’s research and surveys have been a source for accelerated pharmaceutical growth in India. In one of its research, Cipla concluded that people around the world are consuming antibiotics irrationally, with majority misusers from India. If the antibiotic resistance continues, it is estimated that by the year 2050, more people will die due to antibiotic resistance than cancer.  Considering this as a serious problem, the company decided to take measures to reduce irrational antibiotic consumption which included our campaign ‘I pledge 2020’.

When the client approached us for a solution for such a problem, we analysed the issue and suggested a 360 degree campaign called ‘I pledge 2020’. We understood that antibiotic misuse was not a mono-dimensional problem and needed a different approach. Hence, our campaign revolved around educating doctors, field force and general masses about antibiotic misuse.

I Pledge 2020: (summary)

As the name suggests, the campaign revolved around encouraging doctors, field force and general masses to take a pledge of not consuming, prescribing or distributing antibiotics irrationally.

For the purpose of achieving target “Minimising Antibiotic Abuse”, a website was prepared wherein all the principles apart from the subject matter was made available for the doctors to refer. To create prebuzz emailers, teaser videos, detailers were made for every type of audience to be targeted. Audience was classified in two, general masses & healthcare community. The end goal was to educate the doctors, field force and general masses by creating awareness about the rational use of antibiotics through a series of online and offline activities and collaterals. 1 campaign was just not enough to create the buzz & spread the awareness with such a densely populated country. Sunstrategic came up with various sub campaigns like

#Athletes #SaveAntibiotics #Dontoverdo etc. to get 360support to the most vital ones.

Cipla working for a cause with sleepless night & adherence actually helped us to pull off the campaign.

473 doctors and 350 Field Force individuals took the pledge in 1 hour.

  • Overall 30% doctors took the pledge and promised to inculcate the program in their daily routine.
  • Around 90% doctors agreed to help patients learn about antibiotic resistance.

• Conversation with chemists and general public grew about 20% than usual, with chemist advising the normal people not to take antibiotics for people indulging in self-medication.

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