Long gone are those days when you would need a full-fledged advertisement to promote your brand. Not to mean advertisements don’t work anymore but now a 15 second video works just as well. Earlier there were vines where people used to make videos and showcase their creativity, now TikTok has replaced it and how. TikTok rose to fame as it gave an opportunity to a lot of creators to put their talent out in the world for the audience to see it. And any platform like that is always accepted and appreciated.

TikTok’s time frame might be less as it lasts only for 15-30 seconds but the impact it leaves on the audience is much longer. Brands have used this for their benefits and the results have been pretty spectacular. There are a lot of TikTokers whom brands approach for promotion, just like how they approach influencers on Instagram, Youtube or any other social media platform. These TikTokers have a massive fan-following and a loyal fanbase which helps the brand immensely in terms of promotion. 

A lot of brands also started creating their own TikTok account where they promote their own products by putting up a video, similar to how an advertisement works but shorter because of the limited time-space. Putting out videos relevant to the business on TikTok has proved to be very beneficial for the brands purely because of the amount of users the app has, which is unbelievable. TikTok is now just as popular of a platform like any other social media is if not more. The monthly users of TikTok are growing rapidly, hence creating a channel on TikTok is something the brands are currently doing. 

There are basically sponsored posts that a lot on TikTokers put in their videos just like how the sponsorships on other social media platforms works. A lot of brands pitch these influencers and pay them to promote their brands. It could in in the from of TikTok or in from of a sponsored post on their other social media accounts. There are a lot of people who rose to fame because of the app, and the brands are very well aware about it, and also it helps the brand immensely. 

TikTok is a great app for people to put their creative skills forward and also a great for brands to put their products out on display. Because of the ever-growing number of users, TikTok will continue to grow and so will it help the brands grow along with it which is incredible.