Needless to say how we are already practically surrounded by social media and its ever growing trends. TikTok recently has been that platform that is always trending with a whole lot of creators showcasing their talents. TikTok has been popular for quite a while now and the number of users are increasing minute by minute. 2020 may not have been the best year buy that did not stop trends, instead they increased considering people were stuck at home and this platform allowed them to put forward their talents. TikTok has had a number of trends this year, lets have a look at some of these.

Savage Dance: If you didn’t know about this trend, you might be living under a storm. This dance routine was an instant hit and so many popular TikTokers got on with the trend and danced on this insane song. Not going to lie, the routine is fun and addictive and the TikTokers instantly got on with it. It definitely became a huge hit, so much so that people even performed this routine in weddings. This dance was probably one of the most talked and viewed routine in a while on TikTok and still continues to be so.

Bored in a house: Curtis Roach posted this short video on and we all know what happened after that, it blew up like no other. It was posted early on in March which was the time when people just in quarantine and could instantly relate to the video. Millions of people made this video and this trend was an instant hit. Lockdown was something that we all, as a society were dealing with together which made it easy to relate to and also recreate as well. This trend still continues to blow up and has become a Covid19 Anthem almost, insane, isn’t it? 

Dalgona Coffee: We don’t even need to elaborate on this trend because it has already been well-talked about. Dalgona Coffee was something that people became obsessed with and wanted to try it themselves. So, videos of them preparing the coffee and its procedure were flooded all over TikTok and let’s be real, who didn’t want a delicious cup of coffee this quarantine? We got tempted watching those videos and tried to make it at home too, because why not? 

Cooking Trend: This year, most people have stayed home and avoided going out even to fast food joints or restaurants. This made people cook their own food, and well, make those videos and put them TikTok too. A lot of creators showed their love for cooking and also put some quick recipes on TikTok for a lot of people to recreate. This trend was an instant hit and clearly a lot of people followed it. Millions of recipes and millions of people following those recipes were put up on TikTok and made this trend a sure shot hit.

DIY videos: As mentioned earlier, this year most people were home which allowed them have some free time and experiment with things. A lot of people DIYed things and put up on TikTok and as expected, it got viral. Tie-Dye is one of the DIY trends that was a huge hit and millions of people followed it and put them on their respective accounts. Kind of cool, wouldn’t you say?