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How to make your blog interesting?

Why do some blogs get sweepingly appreciated, while others do not? What is it that differentiates widespread blogs and the normal ones?  The audience is the decider but so are you. Making blogs irresistible is an art that you have to specialise if you are to make money and appreciation.

Here is a guideline of what mine help generate an interesting blog.

  1. Trendy topics and spot-on headlines:

    The first thing that your audience comes across is the title of your blog. Make it catchy enough, that whoever reads it cannot resist from checking out the blog. Choose topics that people want to read about. Something running hot in the market, edgy and bold.

  2. Adding quotes or witty remarks:

    If something brings a smile on the face, why would you mind reading it? and wit is the way to go. Always try adding some famous quote or something witty to ease out the stressful reading. Also, you can try mentioning or writing about some serious topics like politics with a bit of humour.

  3. Using professional blog designs:

    What attracts the audience to read more and more of your blogs is the layout or the design of your blog. Too simple can be used by all. Use something different and unique that is attractive and also appropriate according to your content.

  4. Adding visuals:

    Too many words can be boring. What is needed are appropriate visuals. Videos, images, GIF’s, anything that can speak and support what your content is saying. Don’t use overdone memes. Try adding a relatable picture or any video. Can be funny, but not necessarily.

  5. Adding personal experiences:

    It is always bewitching when someone tells about a personal experience or real-life stories in the blog. It feels relatable and helps them generate interest in the blog. If it’s an experience worth sharing, never back off. It makes the blog more gripping and lets others learn something out of it.

  6. Build suspense in your writing:

    As much suspense you add, the more easily you can hold onto your audience. Suspense is something everyone craves for. They always want to get to the end of the mystery and writing in a way that you can create suspense amongst the audience, is very good. Because this is when they would read the entire blog with peculiar interest.


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