Instagram Stories is the feature that allows you to upload any pictures or video that vanishes in 24 hours. It can be seen by all your friends, as many times as wanted and also by everyone, if you have a public account.

Though the concept was originally introduced in 2013 by Snapchat Stories; Instagram stories have taken a hype over Snapchat’s. As by November 2017, Instagram stories were used by over 300 million people on a daily basis. i.e. 60% of the total Instagram users are active story users. Why not consider it a source to promote your business? With a large audience base and some amazing features, Instagram Stories are the new way of Content Marketing!

  1. Using polls and Ratings:

    Instagram Stories give you the option to add some fun by adding polls and ratings. Polls help you ask any question and give the viewers two options. They can choose any one they like and this turns your story in a battle ground.
    Ratings is the latest feature, in which you can ask your viewers a question or just a review and they can react to what extent they like it.

  2. Using links in the story:

    While you introduce your audience to something new or something that you want to share, say your blog or your website, you can add a link to it. Giving a basic idea of what the thing is, and asking to swipe up if the viewers want to know more. This attracts traffic to your website or blog or whatsoever. Also, increases sales and is attention grabbing.
    Another thing that you can do is put up a story of the link that is in your bio, which leads people to your profile and eventually to the link.

  3. Storytelling

    This is what is being trending for a while now. Telling any story related to behind the scenes or your travel experience can be put up on your story. Not everything can be posted, so putting it in your story makes it fun. People love doing and viewing Insta storytelling’s.

  4. Story takeover or Interviews:

    Another thing than can help you in marketing is interviewing experts on your story or publishing someone’s work on your story, someone you are connected with. This brings attention to your profile, since someone known or an expert is associated with it. Again, good strategy to attract traffic.

  5. Adding contests or offers:

    By adding some fun offers in your stories, you can engage the audience to participate in some contest or check out your offers. This again draws attention to your profile or website. People genuinely start participating, and more the audience engagement, the better the marketing.Instagram reported that in a month over 50% of business on Instagram was published on Insta stories. And users from all over the world spend more than 24 minutes a day on Instagram. As new and innovative the platform is, it is the right time to jump in for marketing. 


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