“Get closer than ever with your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves” – Steve Jobs, Apple

We all know that the basic need for an organisation is to maintain its relations with its clients. That’s what helps the organisation grow and maintain dignity and face in the market. Here are a few ground rules to set and follow to have friendly clients and better work productivity.

  1. Trust:

    The most important aspect is any relationship is trust. If your client trusts you and vice-versa, things work out efficiently. Trust is important to build a healthy relationship and is integral in making the co-ordination and the work easier.

  1. Laying ground rules:

    To sit together and agree on strategies, goals and timeline is important. Once the plan is properly chalked, the assigned work gets a head start. Laying grounds of working also help in understanding the process better. This also avoids further confusions in deadlines and ideas.

  1. Honesty:

    Honesty being the best policy, will always work well for you. Even if you make some mistakes or mess something up, be clear about it. Confessing proves that you’re looking to pay for your mistake and work things in a positive direction. This helps build trust and also, breaks the boundaries of uncertainty between you and our clients.

  1. Communication:

    Communication is the key to everything. You have problems, discuss it. You have ideas, discuss it. Keep your clients aware of what you’re planning. Talk and work things out. Also, this would keep both of you aware and active on the progress.

  1. Be a good listener:

    “One of the sincerest forms of respect is listening to what others have to say”. The better you listen and understand what your clients want from you, the better you can work over it. If you are busy with something and miss out something your client said, it could cost you a fortune.

  1. Never be flabby on your pledge:

    Do not promise something that you cannot fulfil. Making false promises or not being able to intact your work creates a bad impression of you in front of your client. Even if by mistake you’re not able to complete your task, apologize for it and make sure that never happens again.

  1. Avoid offering or encouraging gifts or gratitudes:

    The basic rule to follow for maintaining healthy and long-term relations with your clients is to avoid gratitudes and gifts. This might lead things into wrong directions, and the truthfulness and positivity of your relation might die.

sunSTRATEGIC is known to be client-sufficient. We work for our clients, and they have the utmost value for us. Their requirements, ideas and suggestions are paramount. To maintain healthy relations with our clients is important and also very fruitful for us.


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